FAQ's & Common Questions


Do you offer trade discounts or coupons? 

We are not offering any trade discounts or coupons as we already have discounted off the MSRP on all of our products. We keep our prices low and competitive. Everyone pays the same. 

What color options are available for your copper products? 

We offer a large selection of patina finishes to choose from. You can see them here Since our copper products are handmade, the finishes can vary slightly therefore we do not have samples.

How do I choose a drain for my sink? 

When selecting a drain for a lavatory sink you will need to know if the sink has a overflow hole or not. Bathroom drains are standard 1.5" in a variety of styles from grid, popup, and twist and turn. Our umbrella or popup drains come in operable or non operable. This means if you want to be able to close the drain at times, you will choose operable. If the drain will always be left open, you will choose non operable and or a grid drain. You should match the drain finish to your faucet finish, not to the sink. 

When selecting a drain for a kitchen sink, consider if the sink is thin (stainless steel or copper) or a thick stone sink. Most kitchen sink drains are standard 3.5" and fit most sinks. They come in a variety of finishes to match with your faucet finish. Stone sinks might be thicker and might require a deeper specialized drain. Our stone kitchen sinks use a regular 3.5” strainer basket drain or disposer flange. We usually indicate that on the product page details what size to choose. We carry both strainer basket drains and disposer drains for your kitchen sink in different finishes.

 What style edge do I choose for my lavatory sink? 

When selecting a edge, consider the mounting style you will be installing the sink into the countertop. If installing the sink under the countertop, you will need a flat edged sink. If above the countertop, choose a self rimming or drop in style. A rounded or flat edge gives you the flexibility of the installation and how you want it to look. Both require just a bead of clear silicone to set the sink in place. For copper sinks do not use plumbers putty, this is cause the copper to leach and might turn green. Make sure your installer knows this. Match the finish of the drain to your faucet finish not to the sink. 

What shipping options do I have? 

We ship most of our products via DHL, UPS and Fedex along with a few via USPS for small packages and 18 wheeler truck freight for larger heavy items. You will need to consider this with delivery location. Heavy stone sinks are recommended to be shipped to your cabinet maker as they have a loading dock or forklift fir delivery and can custom fabricate your cabinets to fit the sink better. If you are shipping these heavy sinks to a residence there is an additional charge for residential/lift gate service. We offer reasonable rates to Canada. Contact us for detailed rates to Canada. Some items can expedited so just email the product and we will get a quote for shipping over to you. International shipments does not include any duties and taxes that may be charged to you. If the contents are eligible for Canadian taxes the shipping carrier will collect the duties from you before delivering.

What gauge of copper do you use?  

Rustic Sinks copper sinks are made with 99.7% copper, considered “pure copper” grade. Some things to look for when purchasing a copper sink. What is the weight? Does it feel solid? Or very light? You will know! A 16 or 17 gauge pure copper kitchen sink, will have a 'solid' feel to it and will be heavy. Bathroom sinks are typically a 18 gauge. Copper sinks should last a lifetime if made with the best gauge. Read more here 

Are copper sinks hard to care for?  

Soap and water, that's it! Read more here 

How do I care for my stone sink? 

Soap and water! Stone sinks are the easiest to care for! Read more here

How do I order parts?   

If you are finding you need replacement parts, email us-info@rusticsinks.com the model #, photo if you can, or name of the product and we will let you know availability of the correct part along with a price. 

Is there a cutout sheet and installation instructions for the farmhouse sinks?   

Due to the hand carved production of the stone or hand hammered copper kitchen sinks, we do not offer any cutout sheet or installation instructions. Keep in mind each installation is custom to the project so we recommend getting the sink first before making any counter or cabinet cuts. For any sink that is machine made such as porcelain or stainless steel we can offer a cutout sheet along with installation instructions. Just email us-info@rusticsinks.com the model # or name of the product and we will let you know if there is a drawing for it.

How do I return an item?  

Our return policy guidelines vary on products and manufacturer policies. Please see the specific product page tab for details on returns. This varies per manufacturer so please see the product page or call us before ordering to inquire about specifics. Note: Most manufacturers charge for shipping costs plus restocking fees. Copper orders, custom orders and finishes are not returnable.