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The Best Selection of Clawfoot Bathtubs |

Designing your new bathroom space to be both functional and gorgeous, you'll love what a beautiful tub will do for the appearance of your bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs comes in so many designs, it is hard to choose the right one. Slipper bathtubs come in many materials from copper tubs to acrylic tubs.  Cast iron tubs are the vintage tubs originally in white. More modern bathtubs come in all colors with a modern twist in black and white trending now in many homes. White clawfoot bathtubs still lead in the trend for bathrooms. 

Hammered copper bathtubs became popular over the recent years with more rustic style homes. Comfortable and warm, these copper tubs will surely continue to be popular.

When it comes to bathtubs, you will find Rustic Sinks has a variety of styles and materials.