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Care and Cleaning for Copper Sinks and Bathtubs

Copper is a “living finish” and never really stops changing color. Should your sink lighten in areas due to left on products or acidic food, don’t worry, it will darken back down again naturally. Oxidation of air and water will cause it to darken. Just rinse and let air dry (to speed the oxidation). To keep clean, simply rinse your sink or bathtub with water after each use. Since copper is a natural anti-bacterial surface, it is not necessary to disinfect or scrub your copper. However you may choose to give your copper sink, tub, or any other copper product, a thorough cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth from time to time. Lastly, always avoid using anything abrasive (Brillo pads, steel wool, harsh cleaners) that may remove the patina. That's it! Following this simple routine of 'rinse and wash', your copper sink, tabletop, or bathtub will give you a lifetime of enjoyment! For an added layer of protection, especially in 'hard water' areas, consider coating your sink, tub, or tabletop with a high quality wax. We recommend a surface wax (Johnson's Pledge MultiSurface). This will help maintain the luster of the patina while providing better water runoff. Avoid abrasives, including bleach based cleaners, such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Dawn Ultra, Lysol Basin & Tub, Soft Scrub and Tile Cleaner. Use of any of these or anything other than a mild soap and water will void the warranty. There are others online that claim their copper products are maintenance free, as with all materials, there is nothing maintenance free. Water quality, air temperature, minerals and products can change the color of the finish. We recommend you use a superior quality wax extra protection before initial use and as a regular maintenance. Being a living finish, this will patina over time and develop unique character. This is not a defect and is not covered under warranty. Manufacturer defects are structural and welding. Our products are handcrafted and will vary in color, texture, dimensions, hammering, and finish that should be expected and not considered defects.

NOTE: With acidic foods such as... lemons, tomatoes, mustard, pineapple, vinegar, toothpaste, etc., it is best to leave water running while working with products and foods of this nature and remember to thoroughly rinse your sink immediately after use. If the copper surface should get scratched or affected by one of these acidic foods, the copper will naturally regain its original, aged patina with regular use and time. NOTE: With hard water, just a quick soft cloth-drying after each use and an occasional light waxing helps prevent possible spots. With acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruit and anything with vinegar, etc., just rinsing with water ensures keeping the surface integrity. If the copper surface should get scratched, it will regain its original, aged patina with regular use and no other care procedure. The most important thing to remember about this copper is: DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or disinfectants on the non-shiny copper. It does NOT require that much work!