Copper Gauge Thickness Guide

Deciding on a new copper sink, you will notice there are many options on the internet. Pay close attention to the gauge or weight of the copper. Copper is the most durable of all metals, it's also a very soft and long lasting material. It has “living properties”, which means it will renew itself. Let me explain. If you were to drop a cut lemon inside the sink, it will become bright and shiny creating a spot. You do not need to do anything, except wash it with soap and water. Then leave it alone! After a few days, you will see that it is darkening “renewing” itself back to the dark patina. The smaller the gauge, the thicker it is. The most common is 16 Gauge or 48 ounce copper Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and bath tubs made of 16 gauge copper will not scratch or dent easily, and are very durable. You will also want to make sure your copper does not have added lead mixed in to the copper. Some copper sinks are cutting down on the copper % due to high pricing.

Rustic Sinks copper sinks are made with 99.7% copper, considered “pure copper” grade. Some things to look for when purchasing a copper sink. What is the weight? Does it feel solid? Or very light? You will know! A 16 gauge pure copper sink, will have a 'solid' feel to it and will be heavy. It won't feel 'light as a feather'! Also check the thickness of the copper. If the sink is made of copper that is thin, it will not hold up well to normal everyday use. Copper sinks should last a lifetime if made with the best gauge.

Here is a guideline chart to you on gauge and weight of copper sinks.

Gauge Thickness in mm Thickness in cm Thickness in inches
2 6.54 0.654 0.2576
4 5.19 0.519 0.2043
6 4.11 0.411 0.1620
8 3.26 0.326 0.1285
10 2.59 0.259 0.1019
12 2.05 0.205 0.0808
14 1.63 0.163 0.0641
16 1.29 0.129 0.0508
18 1.02 0.102 0.0403
20 0.813 0.0813 0.0320