Installing a Semi-Recessed Vessel Sink

Many of our sinks have a multitude of installation options. Drop in above the counter, under the counter mounted and top counter installations. Installing a vessel skirted sink is the same process as a drop in or semi-recessed install. You will want to partially recess the sink, meaning the rounded bowl will be dropped in the opening; the skirted rim sits around on top of the counter. The "skirt" sits on top of the vanity, using clear silicone for the inside part, make sure the whole border is perfectly sealed and attached to the top.

  • Place sink in desired location, mark drain and outer edge of sink.
  • Remove sink from counter and draw a new line 1/2"-3/4" inside outer edge of sink; this will be your cutout. Cut a hole in the vanity top of an appropriate size to allow the sink to rest at a level that leaves a portion of the sink above the vanity top. In this case the skirted rim sits on the counter.
  • Apply a small bead of neutral cure silicone to the recessed edge of the sink and secure to countertop. Do not use plumber’s putty!
  • Place the sink onto the desired location and allow clear silicone to cure.

Recessed vessel sinks sit partially in the counter but are not flush mounted like a standard bathroom sinks. You will want to be very careful to not get too much silicone on the wood top vanity as to discolor the wood.

We always recommend you do not make any opening cuts in the vanity until your sink arrives for exact measurement and that you contact a plumber for the install due to the different sinks and vanity tops, installations vary that usually a plumber will know the best way to install. Shop for many styles of sinks to choose from.