Copper Bathtub Care

So you bought a hammered copper bathtub and now do not know how to care for it. Copper has naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and will not take much care due to it being a “living finish.” This recycling ability means it will “renew” itself and always be changing colors.

To keep your copper tub clean, simply rinse with water after each use. Since copper is a natural anti-bacterial surface, it is not necessary to disinfect or scrub. However you may choose to give your copper bathtub, or any other copper product, a thorough cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth from time to time. Lastly, always avoid using anything abrasive (Brillo pads, steel wool, harsh cleaners, or bath salts) that may remove the patina. That is all you do to it! By simply following the routine of 'rinse and wash', your hammered copper bathtub will last you a lifetime. If you live in hard water areas, using a soft cloth after each use will cut down on water spots. You may want to consider a wax for an added layer of protection, especially in 'hard water' areas. We recommend using Pledge Multi surface cleaner. This will help in maintaining the luster of the patina. If the copper surface ever gets scratched, don’t worry, it will renew its original, aged patina with normal. Remember a living finish is like a scraped knee. Over time, it heals on it’s own. The most important thing to remember about this copper is:

DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or disinfectants on the non-shiny copper. It does NOT require that much work!

In fact, copper products that are properly cared for become more beautiful throughout the years. Your hammered copper bathtub will last for generations to come with the patina becoming more rich and beautiful. Copper is such a unique and durable metal with a literally endless ability to regenerate itself. Copper bathtubs will not rust because they simply protect themselves with an environmental barrier, called patina. Patina is the difference between copper and other metals. In fact, copper sinks that are properly cared for become more beautiful and more cherished throughout the years.

Rustic Sinks hammered copper bathtubs are manufactured with 99% pure grade A copper with a emphasis on green materials and solutions for the home. Copper is one of the most abundant and valuable recycled materials on the planet. They can continue to be recycled into new products for years. Quality copper products are trending and in demand. You will now see many home furnishing catalogs with rustic influence. If you are not a proud owner of one of our bathtubs, check out our large selection or call us for a custom size and order your's today.