Clawfoot Bathtubs are a Classic

Clawfoot bathtubs are a thing of beauty that works with modern as well as classical designs. So we decided to dissect this curious beauty in today’s blog post. The one thing that is true for a clawfoot bathtub is that it is a natural center piece in any bathroom.

The good news is, they are free standing and can be placed anywhere you like. You can use them as a central piece or fill in odd places with them as well. But the problem is that they are almost always larger than standard bathtubs and the fact that they have feet does not help either. They are deep as well, which gives them depth. Then they require some elbow room as you have to get in and out of them and lie in them.

Plumbing for these babies is as important. The water supply line will have to come out as a protrusion and where you install them will also decide where you install the supply line. So give great significance to the plumbing of the tubs.

Clawfoots are not designed for showering. They are specifically designed for bubble-bathing. So skip showers with them if you can. If you really need a shower, use a hand- held one. They are perfect for those who need to rinse themselves after a bubble bath. But standing showers are an option in a clawfoot bathtub.

A clawfoot bathtub that has a hand shower is easier to clean than a bathtub without a shower. The hose allows you to wash and clean the tub easily and swiftly. These tubs are also good for washing dogs, and any other animals for that matter. Even though, getting the wet animal out of the bathtub will be extra tricky, these tubs still make pet washing a great activity. But the problem is to clean around the outer rim. Cleaning beneath the bathtub, around the feet and on the other side of the tub requires great tact.

Keep these factors in mind, carefully choose your clawfoot bathtub and you will have a great classical experience in your clawfoot tub.