Caring for your Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixtures

Let's look at the care and maintenance of your faucets and drains. Hard water can create buildup of minerals along with water spots. It is a finished applied to metal so abrasive cleaning or scrubbing is a no no. For that white mineral buildup, add a little CLR to a baggie and tie it with a rubber band around the neck of the faucet. Let it soak for a 5-10 minutes, you will see some bubbling action. Remove the baggie, wipe the faucet with a clean cloth (any still stuck on should come off fairly easy with the cloth) rinse with water and dry. After dry, I like to dab a little baby oil or coconut oil on with a cotton ball, then buff with a soft dry cloth. It should look brand new! Each manufacturer will have specific cleaning requirements so check with them first.

What's the right faucet for a copper sink?

Oil rubbed bronze fixtures are the perfect choice for most of our stone and copper sinks and our copper bathtubs. The trend of rustic faucets is showing up in even modern white kitchens and baths. Mixing of colors from dark to light actually is more appealing than all the same color tones.

Rustic Faucets carries a good selection of kitchen and bath faucets in many finishes from oil rubbed bronze, rustic nickel & copper to polished chrome.