Farmhouse Dreams

Farmhouse Dreams


Farmhouse Kitchen

We are so excited about our new adventure. We are moving into a new home. It really is such a fascinating process to see a home come to life one step at a time. It's a cross between modern and a farmhouse. Living in a farmhouse has always been one of my dreams....probably due to growing up in small towns. 

Farmhouse Bathroom

Photos courtesy of Pinterest boards

Pinterest has some great resources for shopping for modern farmhouse decor. Don't you love the tile in these photos! I think we will use one of these in our laundry room floor. Pinterest is such an inspirational website, where I can look up just about anything to get ideas. I hope you follow our Pinterest boards already!

My other secret for scoring great deals for decor is Target! Checkout all their farmhouse decor here.  We got pretty lucky. We found a home that was only 5 months old, so brand new with everything done.  I will be replacing some minor things such as the kitchen faucet. I have to have a disposer button and soap pump built in the countertop. I personally have had this suite in a previous home and will purchase again for this new one. 


With an eat in kitchen/dining area, we are creating a functional and versatile space with a very large room size pantry. 

Stay turned for updated photos of the house and decor.


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