Taking Care of Your Copper Sink

While copper sinks are virtually maintenance-free, it is still important to follow a few tips to ensure that your copper sink lasts forever and look as good as new even after several years of use. Taking care of copper is actually about what you don’t do rather than what you do.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaners
Harsh cleaners can damage the look and feel of sinks made of copper. Acids, coarse scrubs, steel wool, and wire brushes are all ingredients to spoil your much loved copper made rustic sink. When a soft wash cloth and mild soap mix can do the trick, why go for such abrasive cleaning ways that can reduce the life as well as the beauty of your copper sink?

The beauty of copper sinks lies in its living finish, which is only possible if the metal is allowed to react with water and oxygen to form its patina; and when that patina changes its color over time, it begins to look even more beautiful. However, using acid based harsh abrasives can totally ruin your copper based rustic sink because it will wash away all the patina and bring copper to its natural clear form.

Avoid Lingering Contact with Food and Beverages
If the food and beverages or wine classes are allowed to linger in your kitchen’s rustic sink made of copper, they may slightly affect its look. Ketchup, fruits containing citric acids, shaving cream, perfumes, alcohol, acid juices, hair sprays, shampoos and body washes, drain openers, nail polish removers, etc. are all things that should be thoroughly rinsed off the sink once you are done with your work. Since the purpose of such modern vanities is to give your room an elegant and stylish look, not taking proper care of your copper sink might ruin the entire beauty of the place it’s installed in.

Waxing and Hammering Once in a While
While the above mentioned tips were the don’ts of taking care of your copper sink, here are a few do’s that will keep your sink as good as new.

Copper is a malleable metal, which means that if your sink has bent on the edges or its shape has become somewhat distorted over the years, it can be easily hammered back into shape with a little effort. Moreover, you can also apply a coat of wax on your copper sink from time to time, in order to maintain its brightness and new look.

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