Soapstone Sinks-Our Top Reasons to Love them

Soapstone Sinks-Our Top Reasons to Love them

Are you considering a soapstone farmhouse sink? If so, there are some things that you need to consider. You won’t find any other material that features their benefits. Here are the top reasons to keep in mind when you are buying a new soapstone sink.


Soapstone sinks are durable. Remember chemistry class? Those Lab tables were made of soapstone. The reason is they are impervious to most types of chemicals.  They are heavy and will require a platform underneath to be installed to sit on, you need to remember how heavy they are, and don’t forget to hire a professional installer to assure that it will be placed stable for you.

         Soapstone sinks have a lot of options. You need to consider how far out the apron front will come, and if you prefer a flat or pitched (slanted) front. Integrated into the counter is another option. This is where it is impossible to tell where your countertop ends and your sink begins. Soapstone counters also are damage resistant. You can place a hot pan right from the stove without worrying about any damage or cracking of the counter. Our soapstone sinks are a gray color, more like concrete but with slight white veins. If you like a darker, almost black color, after your new soapstone sink has been installed, you can rub food grade mineral oil on it to give it a rich, glossy dark black shade. It really is a low maintenance sink.The more often you apply the oil, the deeper the shade will become. Eventually, you will only need to apply every couple of months. Denise Christopher at prefers the natural gray tone, without ever oiling it. Soapstone can be scratched, but that is easily removed by using a 220 sand paper and water. You will see most Soapstone sinks are a dark charcoal with green veins depending on the region it comes from. Our most popular soapstone is a light grey with light veining. Caring for your soapstone farmhouse sink is easy. Basic soap and water is all that is required. Oiling it with mineral oil will darken the color from a light grey to black. Green veining will appear more pronounced if oiled. Oil does not have to be applied and the natural gray look is even more beautiful in my own opinion, but this is a personal preference.

    Why do I want soapstone farmhouse sink? While there are tons of materials out there, soapstone is very affordable and also durable. You want to make an investment in a sink that you are going to have for many years to come, and this is the best possible material to make sure that you get all you need out of your investment in a soapstone farmhouse sink.

    Whether to invest in a soapstone farmhouse sink, you want to make sure that you do your homework so that you will be ready for all of the best options out there that await you. You will love your new sink and will be able to keep it for many years. This is one of the renovations that raise the value of your house much more than many others. Rustic Sinks are such believers in soapstone sinks that they acquired the domain of recently. 


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