Six Updates Your Kitchen Needs Now!

Six Updates Your Kitchen Needs Now!

Has your kitchen decor worn out its welcome? It's time to renew for a more modern look. We've rounded up six of these incredibly easy and remarkably effective kitchen updates for your convenience. Maybe you are looking to sell your home. The kitchen and bathrooms are the most important rooms potential buyers are looking at. 

With a small amount of time, money and effort, you can use them to transform your kitchen in one fell swoop! These are what we are seeing in the new homes being built.


  1. Change out that Sink!- As simple as it may sound, changing out the kitchen can make a big difference in how appealing your kitchen is. Don't be afraid of a solid surface one over the old stainless steel. They are easy to care for and are eye catching. Farmhouse sinks are the most attractive giving your kitchen that custom look. 
  2. Paint the Cabinets - As long as your kitchen cabinets are in good working order, you can revive them with a few coats of paint. Don't be intimidated; painting kitchen cabinets is easier than you probably think. Start by thoroughly cleaning them with a strong cleaner. Next, give them a good sanding to ensure the new paint sticks. Finally, start painting! It's amazing what a new color can do for the appearance of even the oldest, most outdated cabinets, so give it a whirl! We are seeing both white and dark blue cabinets out there. Add new hardware and you have a totally updated look. 
  3. Add an Island if you have room- Entertaining space in the kitchen is a big seller with potential buyers. They want a place to gather along with a functional space. If your space is large enough, try adding a prep sink where you get double the meal prep space. 
  4. Add Crown Molding to Your Cabinets - Whether or not you choose to paint your cabinets, you can also jazz them up with very little time or money by adding crown molding. The idea of painstakingly installing molding piece by piece is probably not too appealing, but here's some good news: You can get around the issue by mounting the crown molding to a frame that's already cut to size and then simply installing the frame as a complete unit..
  5. Add a Solid-Surface Backsplash - Installing a tile mosaic backsplash requires a lot of time and effort. A great workaround is to buy a sheet of affordable, solid-surface material and install it instead. Synthetic, non-porous solid-surface materials are ideal for backsplashes, and a huge array of colors, textures and styles are available.
  6. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting - Stop squinting when trying to work in the kitchen and give your decor a boost with stylish under-cabinet lighting. LED lights are especially versatile, but there are tons of options out there. This is an easy job for just about anyone to complete, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune, either. Have you seen the new tape lighting? It's awesome. 

There you have it! These ideas are sure to inspire you and may even lead to other ideas. Either way, small, simple upgrades will work wonders for your kitchen, so get going today!

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