Rustic Wooden Vanities - Discovering Quality, Beauty and Functionality

Incorporating a few rustic touches in your house here and there is becoming an increasingly popular trend these days, not just in the architecture of the house but also in its décor. Furnishings using rustic wood have begun to pop up everywhere from the dining room to the bedroom. Carved wood bathroom vanities are also one such example of the same. They not only give your washroom a clean, cozy cottage look, but they are quickly becoming a fashion statement in modern homes.

Modern Bathroom Vanities
While kitchens are moving towards a brighter tone, the opposite is happening to the bathrooms these days. More and more houses are opting for modern bathroom vanities that are not only stylish but also give a soothing natural feeling.

These vanities come in a number of styles and designs to go with any home décor. Carved wood bathroom vanities with rustic sinks and copper faucets can make your bathroom stand out from the regular ceramic wash basins and steel faucets. Moreover, the carvings, staining and the size of the vanity could be matched to your specific taste. You can choose a copper, nickel or stone sink of your choice and a matching mirror to complete the look.

A Chic Look
Dark rustic colors, cottage inspired vibes and coziness and charm of the wood can all add to a jaw dropping chic look to your bathroom. It can potentially turn the whole environment of your bathroom making it smell and look comforting and relaxing to the eyes as well as to the mind.

Modern bathroom vanities don’t just have superficial value. They also provide a lot of storage space to keep towels, tissue rolls, bathrobes, bath slippers, hair dryers, shower caps and more or less anything that you need.

Completing the Picture
While many people go for just a few rustic touches in their bathroom by installing a copper sink or a carved wood bathroom vanity, you can complete the entire cottage look of your bathroom by going for copper knobs and pulls, mirrors that take you several years down memory lane, rustic lighting and hammered switch plates, etc. You can even seek the help of an interior designer to arrange all the things in their best place. A simple addition in your bathroom can be much more pleasing to the senses than one can imagine.

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