Rustic home look

The rustic home look is the new trend in home decorating. It is not just for rural homes anymore. Stainless steel is being replaced in the kitchen by Copper sinks, lights, and pot fillers. Copper bathroom sinks and copper tubs are replacing the old white or cream porcelain.  

Most decorators design rustic decor emphasizing hammered copper and custom stone fixtures giving a distressed and unique look. The key element of rustic decor is that it is constructed of natural materials.Rustic fixtures, furnishings, architectural elements and textiles may consist of wood, stone, and copper.

Simple changes such as adding a copper bathroom light fixtures or a copper bathroom sink can give a home that rustic look. These are very inexpensive changes such as the Copper lights at

Copper is also considered a "Green" product and will last a lifetime. Copper products are very durable and can be recycled again and again unlike stainless steel or ceramic.

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