How A Copper Sink is Made

How A Copper Sink is Made

Beautiful copper sinks are hand made by skilled artisans. Hand hammered into a shape and design of the sink. This is a tedious and hard work requiring process that may go on for hours, depending on the size of the sink. See a video on how a copper sink is made. 

It is evident that the strength of the copper makes it suitable for the wide ranges of products it is used to make. Copper is an essential metal that has a good deal of properties which make it useful for a variety of purposes: it’s malleable, ductile, a good conductor of electricity, etc.. In its raw state, the color of copper is orange-red (or reddish-orange). Its properties instigated its use in electrical wires, cooking utensils, automobile parts such as radiators, pipes and tubes, kitchen and bathroom ware, etc.

Copper is usually found in the form of copper ores combined with other chemicals. This is copper’s natural state, and it is rarely that copper is found in its purest state. The manufacturing (or separation process) of copper is when it is separated from its ores either physically or chemically. This helps the concentration of copper to increase. Processes like concentrating, smelting, refining and casting are used.

The process of making a copper sink, starts as copper is melted at very high temperature and then poured into moulds. The mould gives the raw iron the shape of a sheet. This is because of the malleable property of copper. The thickness and other particulars about these sheets relate to the thickness of the product that is desired to be made. 

When the time comes to give the copper sinks its final finish, the surface of the sink is treated with a process call “Patina”. Using this method, the copper sink is given its characteristic color and durability by exposing it to heat. The artisans skillfully and carefully create a particular shade to the copper sink. The entire process takes days to complete.

Products made out of copper for kitchen and bathroom use include bathtubs, sinks, faucets, tiles, hooks, vanities, shower systems, and much more. The variety of products is not just limited to bathroom and kitchen accessories. With the growing demand for copper products, manufacturers are coming out with more and more copper products.

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