Green Solutions & Recycling

Green Solutions and Recycling


Copper’s naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties  provides a much healthier product for your home, since fewer chemical cleaners come in contact with their sink and dishware. A copper sink will last   for generations to come.  Copper is a uniquely durable metal with a literally endless ability to regenerate itself. Copper sinks will not rust because it simply protects itself with an environmental barrier, called patina.  This patina is the primary difference between copper and other metals.  In fact, copper sinks that are properly cared for become more beautiful and more cherished throughout the years.


Copper is one of the most abundant and valuable recycled materials on the planet.  Rustic Sinks are manufactured with a 99.6% pure recycled grade A shiny copper wire that has been reclaimed and recycled into copper sheet.  Endlessly recyclable, copper sinks can continue to be recycled into new products.


Rustic Sinks and bathtubs are made by skilled master artisans.  Quality copper lights, bathtubs and sinks are in demand.


Through the integrity of the copper material, the endlessly recyclable nature of copper, the health benefits, the global emphasis on green consumerism, Rustic Sinks are a quality buying decision for your home that supports awareness of green solutions.



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