Customize a Bar Top

Home Bars have become very popular lately. I recently have seen a flood of large retail stores displaying a complete bar room in their stores. People pay a lot of attention to how their bar looks. Considerations should be a well presentable, manageable, and functional bar.


A bar sink is an important part of the entire bar top and there are a variety of shapes and sizes on the market to choose from. Consider the amount you will use it and how many guests you plan on entertaining. When it comes to deciding on the shape of the sink, you can choose an ordinary design or something unique and a focal point. Most bar sinks come in round, rectangle, curved, and square shapes. Materials are another choice when selecting a bar sink. Your choices would include sinks made out of stone, cast bronze, or copper. Copper sinks seem to offer way more benefits than any other.


The next part of designing a bar to look at is a faucet. Faucets come in so many different shapes, sizes, with different number of handles, etc. Also, consider how you will use it. Will it just be a decoration in the room or will it need to be functional.  If you decide to get a copper sink, there are many rustic faucets that are appropriate. With the increasing popularity of copper products, many people opt for a oil rubbed bronze faucet. They seem to blend with other accessories well.


Once you have made sink and faucet choices to get for your bar top, it is now time to move on to selecting the slab or counter top for the bar. Designers are mixing colors and textures, so don’t be afraid of mixing things up a bit. You might be surprised at your guests loving different unique designs. Bar stools can be integrated into many bar themes. Will it be wood or leather, or a combination? Wine barrel furniture is the most popular when it comes to stools.


When looking for bar top products, consider shopping from for quality wine barrel furniture, copper sinks and rustic faucets.   


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