Benefits of A Rain Shower Head

Benefits of A Rain Shower Head


I recently came back from a Spa vacation where the hotel had a rain shower head. The luxurious shower experience left me wanting one at home. The ceiling mount rain head was a large square one that had plenty of water pressure even to wash out shampoo easily from my hair.  I was overwhelmed on the variety and sizes along with what size water droplets come out! Who would have know there were so many decisions to make. The ranges of 5-1/2" to 14" diameter to round and square shapes. Here are some benefits and things to consider. 

1. Make sure the rain head is not installed too high. If you have high ceilings in the shower, you might consider a wall mount version instead of the ceiling mount one. 

2. Do you want the water to always be coming down on your head? I don't always want to get my hair wet, so the ceiling mount version is out for me. I prefer the water on my body, not my head. Another reason the wall mount might just be the one I want. 

3. Do you have enough water pressure?  Some rain heads have poor performance due to the design. A high pressure shower head will maximize the flow of water through the shower head for a powerful spray. Look for one above 1.8 GPM.

4. Updating your bathroom with a rain shower head is a low cost investment that can also give you a spa at home experience. 

I personally decided on just replacing my current shower head with this Victorian 8 inch round flat one. This model has 141 water jet channels and uses a standard 1/2" connection meaning I did not have to have bigger pipes put in.  This shower head is designed to provide a powerful massaging feel while scrubbing off the stresses of the day. As an added feature, the adjustable ability allows you to tilt the shower head to any desired angle. 

So now I can have the best of both, rejuvenating my body with a vigorous shower experience and staying within budget.

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