A Bathtub Matters! Tips on Choosing the Right One.

A Bathtub Matters! Tips on Choosing the Right One.

Everyone needs a bathtub, right? It is more of a focal point in the bathroom for some and a large purchase.  What style you choose matters. How will you use it? Do you soak or just need functionality? One of the newest trends is the pedestal bathtub.  These tend to have a dramatic wow factor in the room. Classy yet modern! 

Affordable and quality is important when considering your bathtub. We found freestanding tubs offer these plus designer style. Luxury is the design of 2019 and bathrooms are one of the most remodeled along with adding value for resale. 

The material is also a big consideration. From old fashion cast iron to acrylic and copper, bathtubs are now available in a large selection of materials and sizes. 

A copper slipper bathtub style adds a warm feeling to any bathroom.  


If your style is Contemporary, we also have some great modern bathtubs.

Another classic traditional style is the Clawfoot bathtub. These freestanding tubs are a superb quality and different models that are clean elegant designs. Made in a variety of material giving you a variety of options when choosing the perfect tub. You can add a classic Vintage faucet in a deck mount or wall mount style or a complete clawfoot tub package with one included. 


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