Top 3 Copper Range Hoods

If you want to update your kitchen with all the best accessories then you will certainly want to make sure that the products you are purchasing are modern and made to last. This is easier than ever when you purchase your products from Rustic Sinks so why not take a look below to see our selection of top 3 copper hoods.

CurvedCopper Hood with Iron Straps

This copper hood is ideal if you want to give your home that rustic feel. It has iron straps that run parallel down the hood and the bolts add a unique sense of stability to the design in general. This copper range hood is a must-have for any home or property and it comes in a variety of designs and colors as well so you will always have plenty of different options to choose from. 

This hood comes with a unique design that includes the blower insert. This is great for the traditional kitchen with stainless steel appliances and there are 6 colors to choose from as well so you will never be left wondering which one will suit your home the best, because you'll know right away.

This rustic hood is simplistic yet effective. It is plain in terms of its design but this means that it delivers a subtle accent that compliments any kitchen in any home. It has the option of being wall mounted or island mounted and you can choose from 6 colors as well so you can feel confident that you'll find something that meets your requirements.

Why not take a look for yourself today at to see what else we have in store.

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