Product Spotlight: 24” Swivel Daisy Stave Stool

Since getting our start in 2012, Rustic Sinks has been committed to offering you unique and one of a kind furnishings from vendors we trust, and we have been expanding our main product line to include authentic wine barrel furniture to round out the décor of your rustic style home. One of our favorite products that is sure to add character to your bar prep or kitchen area is the 24” Swivel Daisy Stave Stool, made from reclaimed pieces of a wine barrel.

“Green business,” which is characterized by the recycling of natural elements in a unique way to create one of a kind products, has grown in popularity and is a great way to not only take care of the environment, but to add special, long-lasting pieces to your home that are more than just furniture – they’re a piece of art.

The Swivel Daisy Stave Stool is made almost entirely from reclaimed wood and other pieces of a wine barrel, highlighting its uniqueness and recycled appeal. Wine barrel staves, which are the narrow sloped lengths of wood that form the sides of the barrel, are used for the four legs, with hand forged wrought iron to round out the construction for added stability. The swivel top sits on a wine barrel ring base and is made from rough sawn pine with the option of a personalized engraving at the top.

Standing 24” high and 17” wide, this piece has five hand rubbed stains to choose from, which are weathered, pine, caramel, noir and butternut, all of which are meant to enhance the wood’s natural character and subtle differences. With great customizable options and the rustic appeal of its construction, the Swivel Daisy Stave Stool is sure to be a great addition that suits any style of rustic home. If you enjoy the uniqueness of this piece, be sure to check out the rest of our selection of wine barrel products offered online and let us know about some of your favorite refurbished furnishings in the comments below!

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