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Outdoor Coastal Living 

Living by the water either a lake or ocean can be serene. Every room inside and out, needs to have a relaxed atmosphere. 

Southern Living-24 Lake House Decorating Ideas

White palette and wood gives simplicity that can help soften any room. Adding rugs and decor will give it theme and texture elements. We love the look of this room with soft off white couches and #rustic wood pieces. 

Coastal Living Outdoor Bath showers

Living outdoors in the summer is why most beach or lake house owners live there. The costal water breezes and views of the water can give you stress free living. The sound of water gives a calming sense to the beauty around. 

Adding a outdoor shower helps cool off in style while leaving the outdoors, well, just there outdoors. Sand and dirt never comes inside. First, you will want to define your space. Attaching the plumbing to a wall on the backside of a washroom, laundry, or bathroom will make it easier. You can use simple treated wood walls or leave it open. The key is to use fixtures and materials that can survive the weather and sun. 
RusticSinks.com- Floor mount Exposed plumbing shower
This exposed plumbing shower system is perfect for the sun and elements. The floor mount installation has a rustic elegant look and can be used indoors or out. Perfect for the beach house or swimming pool area. Stash towels next to the shower in a galvanized or copper bucket. They will be nice and warm in the sun. #RusticSinks has many finishes to make one in. 

Southern Living

We absolutely love this idea! This galvanized bucket was used over a shower head and hanging from a hook. A #rusticfaucet for sure!

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