Is Your Bathtub Clean?

Imagine your city has water crisis and you are asked to have only one tub of water for bathing. Because of the acute water shortage, you have to use the same dirty water every day for bathing, or if not every day, whenever you decide to bathe, you have to use the same water!If thinking of this is making you cringe, what we are about to tell you next will definitely make you sick  and may have you rethink bathing. 

Just like most of the houses in the US, you too are most likely to have a ceramic or plastic bathtub. For many people it is one of the favorite places for many to relax, detox, and soak after a work out or after a hard day at work.  I do not know about you, but the last thing I think about is “How Clean is your Bathtub” actually?

Think about it, you run the water filling your bathtub with water, then you put your body in the water, possibly using some sort of soothing bath  oil or scrub for relaxation. When you are finished, you drain the water and get out. Then what?What we do not see is as the water drains out, the bacteria and dead skin from your body now are adhered and dried to the sides of the bathtub, just waiting to be growing again with a new bath. Now, the next time you step in for a bath; remember what you left behind earlier has been waiting for you all along. Yuck, are you cringing? Well, you should. Bacteria accumulation on ceramic or plastic does not have the ability to get rid of the remains on its own. You have to really clean it off. 

Now you have a new choice that has it’s own antibacterial properties, a copper bathtub! Since ancient history, copper has always been the choice for bathtubs, sinks, vanities and faucets for its self-cleansing properties. 

Rustic Sinksis one supplier of copper bathtubs and sinks.Master artisans that hand make each item for Rustic Sinks use only high quality raw materials, hand hammered to give them the perfect shape and size. Individual products are unique and each custom which is amazing at affordable prices.You will never again rethink about how clean your bathtub is, once you buy a copper bathtub from Rustic Sinks (

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