Going Vintage

Going Vintage

Using a vintage style for your bathroom can save you time and money. With some investment in an antique claw foot  bathtub and rustic bathroom sinks, you will be able to drastically turn your washroom into a vintage luxury bath without going overboard with your budget. 

Here are some tips that you can follow:

1.     Use Inexpensive Material

Using tiles can increase renovation costs. A vintage theme looks better when matched with natural elements such as stones and wood. Using these elements for flooring can significantly cut down on your restructuring costs giving you just the right look. Look for stone sinks and counter tops as they go well with the theme. When in doubt, use granite as it is easy to clean and easily available.

2.     Paint

Using different colors such copper tan and light browns can give you the right look. When in doubt, mix a light and a dark shade together and save on spending extra bucks for expensive paint jobs. When going antique, use loads of silver and tan. A new coat of paint can give your bathroom a fresher look.

3.     Adopt your Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures such as vanity and towel racks can amplify the look. Instead of purchasing new fixtures, repaint your fixtures to match your chosen theme colors. An inbuilt cabinet is a must-have for the antique look. If you are willing to be extravagant while remodeling, go for rustic vanities and stone counter tops that will help you get the right themed look. Rustic Sinks, is one such company that specializes in providing quality copper sinks and tubs. Some of their best-seller items include copper bathtubs and rustic sinks. They specialize in providing quality antique items to their customers and are known for quick delivery service.

4.     Go Metal

Nothing says antique more than the metal furnishings. Use metal based fixtures whenever you could. Invest in copper lined mirrors and nickel sinks. You can find a variety of fixtures such as metal vase, towel bar and soap dish online at affordable rates. These fixtures not only add to the overall theme but are also inexpensive and easy to purchase.

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