Elegantly Rustic Living

Elegantly Rustic Living

The #rustic theme has been popular for some time now and continues to trend for 2015. It could be a tough challenge for some. Bringing the outdoors into your cozy interior can actually be easy. Decorating your house with rustic decor is more about connecting with the serenity of the great outdoors. The rustic theme is exciting and inspiring for homeowners and designers. Rustic décor themes can bring a calmness to a stressful world. Though the outdoors can be difficult to integrate into your interior décor, there is absolutely no need to sacrifice any modern amenities to acquire comforting style.

Photo from Burleson Design Group


Try using wood and stone materials that are not ordinary. Imperfection is a form of beauty in itself so do not be too concerned that it is not perfect. One of Rustic Sinks most popular vessel sinks is a petrified wood sink.


Unpolished, honed granite, weathered rocks and stones, plank floors can be very unique.  I have seen many homes lately where the homeowner has added a chandelier to a rustic bathroom or bedroom and it blends beautifully.

Copper has been a favorite for a few years now. The growth outside of the bathroom and kitchen is impressive. A recent customer added a copper bucket sink to her laundry room that looks great! Her tasteful decorating talent astonished me!

Simple changes such as cabinet or drawer hardware can make a big impact both in a room and to a piece of furniture. 


Try materials that have a natural finish. Rugs, animal hides, heavily textured materials and coarse woolens are commonly used in homes with a rustic interior design theme. For those who prefer a well used and rough look, pieces and artifacts of wood with worn out finishing may be able to do the job quite well.

All these items are obviously set against plain or neutral backgrounds. By adding some of your own creativity and with the help of a professional, you can customize your home to fit your unique style.


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