Choosing your new Kitchen Range Hood

So you’re in the market for a new range hood for your kitchen. Cooking produces smells, smoke and grease that you do not want in your kitchen. Ventilation systems clear these out of your kitchen by banishing them through a filter into metal ducts to the outdoors.

Tip: To help minimize grease on cabinets, walls, and the range, use the fan while cooking. This will help reduce humidity and orders, along with making the kitchen a lot more comfortable.

Let’s start with design and style. Depending on your kitchen and range layout, you can choose between a downdraft or updraft system.


These are built into the cabinet sitting behind the range or cooktop. The air is drawn downward. Most models are fixed or retractable. These are excellent for islands however they do not work well with taller pots and pans.


Positioned over a cooktop or range, these draw air upward and through a filter by the fan. This design offers the greatest variety of styles.  Models that are built into the cabinetry to chimney style hoods, which can make unlimited design possibilities. Rustic Sinks has a selection of beautiful hand made copper range hoods that include the insert liner (internal motor, blower fan and filter).

Cleaning your kitchen range hood

Wipe down the exterior of the range hood once a week with hot soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaners, as these tend to scratch. Grease build up will result if this is not done. This is not just unsightly but can be flammable.  I use Pledge multi-surface cleaner that cuts grease and leaves a streak free shine.  Filters can be easily removed and soaked in hot soapy water, then let dry before placing back into the hood.

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