By Denise Christopher on 2016-01-29

Tips to Consider when Purchasing a New Bathtub  

Home improvement should be undertaken in a way that should result in something that perfectly suits your preferences and needs, and the best way to ensure this is using the best material for the project. For a bathroom remodel, one of the most important components is the tub. So, make sure you know all information about its types before you even start choosing.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Originally made of cast iron and lined with porcelain, these tubs were considered as luxury items in the late 19th century. Compared to standard bathtubs, Clawfoot tubs usually require more water because they are typically larger. While some of them are still considered as collectible items, there are those with new designs that fit a modern home. Also, they can come with shower heads, much like Western-style bathtubs.

Slipper Bathtub

Unlike most modern bath units, a slipper bath tends to be designed as freestanding and would look good when placed in the centre of your bathroom. Its edge usually has a rolled top to make it easy for you to get in and out, and the entire unit itself stands upon feet raised from the floor. It also has a variation, which is the double slipper bath, also known as the boat bath, where the center dips and both ends are high, resulting in a symmetric form. Mostly having an elegant Victorian design, a slipper bath is a great option if you want to create a transitional bathroom style that bridges the gap between the modern and the traditional.

Antique Bathtub

Most of the time, this bath can be used as a centerpiece of any bathroom. You may find it timeless and beautiful with its luxurious aura and practical function. And with modern manufacturing, this tub has become a luxury that anyone can afford with an array of materials, sizes, styles and features.

Pedestal Bathtub

The free-standing double-ended pedestal tub can soak away your troubles. With its length, it can give you ample room to stretch out. When it comes to design, it can work well with almost any décor, but it is mostly the ideal choice for those wanting a lightweight showpiece tub in their luxurious bathrooms. Moreover, the pedestal provides an easy-to-clean, high-gloss finish.

Acrylic Bathtub

This tub is made of vacuum-formed acrylic sheets, making it resistant to cracking and chipping. Generally, acrylic bathtubs are cheaper than the steel ones, but are lighter in weight. Though often compared to steel baths when it comes to durability, time and technology changed them to become sturdy and long-lasting.

Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs

These tubs provide warmth and comfort to your home. Aside from their practical function, they offer a large variety of elegant and unique designs, including slipper, classic, double slipper, pedestal, and double ended. You can boost its functionality by adding a classic shower tap or enclosure to it.

A bathtub is more than just a place to take a bath, but is also a sanctuary where you can lay back and let all the stress wash away. Though it is fundamental to focus on comfort, design and build, you still need to know what each tub is all about to make sure you are placing the perfect one in your bathroom.

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