By Denise Christopher on 2015-07-17

Transitioning to a Modern Kitchen with a Hammered Nickel Sink

Your kitchen is the most used room of the house. You want to to make it as updated and comfortable as possible, especially if you have an open format kitchen. In the past decade, stainless steel appliances and sinks were the norm. Designers are now mixing colors and textures though the home and the newest change has been in the kitchen. Cabinets, counters, fixtures, and appliances are using contrasting colors to play off light and give a just right feel. 

Traditional kitchen owners might fear that the mix-and-match style will be too modern and out of place, fear not. Lovely gray and white styles look just right together, especially with the deep farmhouse sink in hammered nickel.

Mixing different woods can allow one element of the kitchen to stand out. The dark wood finish of the island grabs the visitors attention while the perimeter cabinets disappear with the walls. The activity in the kitchen will naturally gravitate towards the island.

The unspoken rule seems to be the lower cabinets are dark while the uppers are assigned lighter materials. What if you not only mixed cabinet finishes, but also placed the lighter finishes on the bottom and the darker on top? Or is that too crazy?

Leaving a kitchen unmatched can make you feel grounded and organic giving you a custom feel. What do you think, is mixing finishes something you would do?  Want to know more about the hammered nickel sinks from  click here.

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