By Denise Christopher on 2015-05-14

Rustic Sinks offer from 20% up to 65% discounts off full retail

Rustic Sinks are offering substantial discount from the retail prices on their stone and copper products.

Rustic Sinks is a famous and well- respected name in rustic copper sinks. They use factories of artistic craftsmen to create high quality products rather than focusing on mass production of items. This allows diversity of their products and value to their quality of production.

For the DIY Rustic Sinks wants to make sure you are not paying other stores overhead. The retail industry has changed as more online shopping by customers looking for quality and convenience. These discounts, depending on the product, can go as high as 65% off other retailer prices.

Their 33" Copper Kitchen Farmhouse Apron Sink with built in towel bar has a list Price of $1,648.00, but Rustic sinks is selling the product at $1,025, giving a difference of $623. “This is a substantial discount which actually makes the product in our reach. Unlike other copper sink retailers, ‘Rustic sinks’ is surprisingly serious about helping the common man follow their passion for rustic products,” says Caroline Mayflower, a resident of Arizona and a huge fan of Rustic Sinks.“Even a rustic wine rack in the shop comes with a significant discount,” says Robert Miles. The fact that wine wall rack in the shop that was listed as $320.00 is being sold at $124.99 with a saving of 61%. “This goes to show their conviction in the matter of fair pricing.” 

“The new economy is becoming hard to live in. Our discounts are offered with the purpose of providing a quality product at reasonable pricing that everyone can afford.” says the spokesperson for Rustic Sinks.

About: Rustic Sinks is a subsidiary of Rustic Furnishings, LLC. It is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. They make 99.9% pure copper Kitchen and Bath fixtures along with offering free shipping with over a $60 order.


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