By Denise Christopher on 2014-10-15

Rustic Sinks Expands Into Stone 

Stone Sinks bathroom are the new trend in modern design. They not only add to the overall relaxing environment but also have elegance in their simplicity. Stone has been used in construction for ages and is an important element in providing an exotic look to your interiors. Many well known spas and resorts have their interiors made with stone for this very reason.

“Stone Sinks are a beauty of their own” commented a spokesperson for Rustic Sinks while introducing the product.” They look natural and are easy to clean. Also, they are much affordable than their metal counter parts.”

Rustic Sinks was pioneer in providing quality metal bathroom fixtures to their customers. They have an extensive collection of copper bathtubs and sink. “While going Vintage, many of our customers look for something different. They don’t want to have same faucets as their neighbor. They want something unique, something exotic” added a sales person. And unique, it is. Stone sinks are certainly the new ‘New’ in the design industry. “Their simplicity and ruggedness has captured the hearts of many designers” equipped the store manager.

While a stone sink will add be the mystifying element in your bathroom, maintain them will need top-notch care. While using a stone sink, avoid using acidic liquids such as lemon on your sink. The sinks require regular cleaning and layering.

“You have to be very careful around these things” advised the store manager.” You don’t clean them often; they will develop molds and deposits.” Stone sinks also need to be layered and polished with a stone cleaner.

Rustic Sinks currently offer stone sink in granite and limestone. While granite is an affordable option, they require extra maintenance as they erode very easily. Choosing a close-grained granite stone can delay the erosion process and protect your stone for indefinite period of time. Cleaning your sink regularly after use and polishing it with a wax cleaner can improve the appearance of your sink. Stone Sinks are a popular item among designer and home owner who want to give a natural look to their humble adobe.

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Rustic Sinks is an operation of Rustic Furnishings, LLC. They currently operate from Scottsdale, Arizona and provide quality products to their customers. The products are manually hand-hammered by artisans.
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