By Denise Christopher on 2014-09-23

The Pros and Cons of Using Copper Sinks

Copper sinks and other copper utilities are fast becoming a trend in homes and commercial buildings. They have made their way into bathroom and kitchens with beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing copper designs. Although this metal has been around in use for decades, its recent relatively recent incorporation into homes is a glorious and rich alternative to the contemporary steel or porcelain sinks variety.

If you have recently been considering about installing the stylish copper sinks in your bathroom or kitchen, weigh its pros and cons before doing so to have an idea of the whole picture:

Pros of Copper Sinks

  • The very first advantage of installing copper sinks is their unique and antique styling. If you want to give your bath or kitchen a more upbeat and fresh look, you will find that copper sinks are the choice to go with. The hammering to the copper sheet gives it a rich look.
  • Normally, harmful bacteria thrive in sinks that can cause health problems. Copper metal has antibacterial properties that make it a good choice for use in sinks. If you soak or wash dishes in your sink, like many other people, it is a good idea to install a copper sink as bacteria dies within hours in copper.
  • Copper has anti-rust properties, which is a huge plus in a sink. Extensive use over a long period of time will not corrode or rust your copper sink. Also, you can many find many shapes and sizes of copper sinks online or at a local store to select a stylish one for your bath or kitchen.

Cons of Copper Sinks

  •       Copper has a high reactivity, which can cause it to darken over time. You will also find that copper sinks can easily stain and using abrasive cleaners can damage the smooth finish of the copper sink.
  •          Another disadvantage of copper sinks or lower gauge copper sink models specifically is that they can easily dent, and may require expensive repair or replacements within a short time.
  •          Copper sinks also require adept maintenance as any water left behind can cause water spots to form. It is also important to keep them clean by washing with a gentle soap to keep their finish intact. You may also find copper sinks to be generally more expensive than other sinks.
  •       Copper sinks are still rare and you can install one to stand apart from the crowd. It may require extra cleaning efforts and maintenance but it will look stylish in your kitchen or bath, without doubt! Make an informed decision by researching well before you purchase one. You may find that a copper sink suits your lifestyle and setting. By Denise Christopher

Would you opt for a copper sink in your kitchen or bath? Feel free to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.

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