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Bathroom Styling Tips

Bathrooms are usually the trickiest space in the house to decorate. That is because the whole house may follow a theme but people often feel confused about how to follow the house theme into the bathroom. It is the most utilitarian space of the house and sometimes the smallest to do a lot with it. However, if you are also in the dilemma to style your bathroom, here are a few ideas to consider:

Keep It De-Cluttered

A key to style your bathroom is to keep it clutter free. There are several ways you can achieve this. Use baskets in the washroom to store additional stuff, towels, or dirty clothes. Baskets do not only look elegant but also help keep your space clean and hides products.

Use a Glass Bottle

To give your bathroom some elegance with a fresh look, place a glass bottle on the counter with fresh flowers. It is a small detail but one which will add simple style to make your bathroom look nice. You can also use simple or colored glass bottles to store toiletries, which is an elegant way to store things.

Install Elegant Accessories

If your bathroom space is small, consider installing a small round sink and a complementing mirror with it. Today, there are many styles of sinks available in all kinds of shapes and sizes to compliment the bathroom tiles. By choosing the right size of the sink and mirror you can style up you bathroom with doing very little. You can also consider installing rustic faucets to compliment the copper sink in your bathroom.

Use a Tray Table

Another idea that you can use to make space in your bathroom is to use an elegant tray table which you can use to display your products and toilet accessories. This is to say if you want to make more space in the bathroom while also keeping your products on a display.

Use Fun Wallpaper

If you haven’t considered using wallpaper in the bathroom as yet, well consider a fun one to spruce up the walls and add color to the bathroom.

These small tips and simple arrangements in the bathroom should help you in styling up your space.

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