By Denise Christopher on 2014-08-15

Rustic Sinks Announces a New Line of Clawfoot Bathtubs

Rustic Sinks announces a new range of popular product: the traditional clawfoot bathtubs.

Rustic Sinks, which is an online seller of copper bathroom and kitchen accessories, announces the new addition to the list of the products sold. The traditional clawfoot bathtubs can now be found at Rustic Sinks website. This newest addition is just an example of Rustic Sinks bringing new, high in demand, and traditional products to its customers. All the prospect and the existing clients of Rustic Sinks that are planning to buy Rustic bathtubs now have another option to choose from. The clawfoot bathtubs have always been a popular bathroom accessdory owing to the ease it offers in mobility. 

Rustic Sinks is a popular online store for bathroom and kitchen products such bathtubs, bathroom and kitchen sinks, vanities, faucets, range hoods, etc. Rustic Sinks has become a leading brand because of the excellent quality products it sells to its customers. The copper used in making these products is top grade and is 99.9% pure. All products are handcrafted by veteran artisans that spend hours at length and days in total to give the products their finished look. Each product is custom–made, finished to perfection, and durable. This is the sturdiest type of bathroom and kitchen available in the market.

The spokesperson for Rustic Sinks said, “We invite all our current and prospect clients to keep a tab on our website to grab the best products at unimaginable prices. The Rustic Sinks website recently added a new line of traditional and famous clawfoot bathtubs. This addition has been made after a thorough analysis of the market demand of the clawfoot bathtubs famous among masses.” He further added, “Rustic Sinks is always proactive in bringing new and improved products to its customers. This addition is just another example of the same.”

Rustic Sinks is a popular online store. It is quickly growing into the largest bathroom and kitchen accessories seller owing to its excellent product quality and customer facilitation approach to business.   

About the Company

Rustic Sinks is the operating partner of Rustic Furnishings, LLC. It is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and specializes in creating higher quality items and genuine designs. The focus of Rustic Sinks is not quantity, rather it is quality. This is why, Rustic Sinks works on specialized orders and delivers hand hammered and uniquely designed copper products to its clientele.

Contact Information     

Phone: 1-855-553-7305


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