By Denise Christopher on 2014-03-18

What Makes Mirrors a Brilliant Choice for Summer Interior Décor?

Some homes appear dim inside due to the absence of windows facing direct sunlight. Even if there is bright summer outside, such homes remain dark from inside. If your home has the same issue and want to increase sunlight into your home, you can increase its amount by placing mirrors.

Some people may consider increasing sunlight into their home by adding more windows or expanding them, but in reality it is not practical and would affect the exterior and interior decor of the home. Mirrors are perfect to make a dark room brighter. They even make small spaces and rooms larger, all relying upon their placement.

Mirrors Placed Opposite Windows

If mirrors are placed on walls that are opposite to windows, they directly increase the amount of sunshine in the room, making it bright. For instance, if a room has only a small window and very little sunlight gleams through it, a mirror should be placed on the wall which is directly opposite to that window to reflect back the sunlight into the room, amplifying the effect.

Bouncing Sunlight

When certain parts of the house seem extremely dim during daylight, you can place a mirror near the window at an angle so that the sunlight bounces from the mirror into the dimmer area. For this purpose, you can use movable mirrors or tall mirrors placed on stands. You can place movable mirrors in your dressing room.

Hallway Mirrors

In few homes, especially old farm-style homes, one hallway branches off all bedrooms and bathrooms. This hallway passage itself gets very dark during daytime when lights are off and side rooms are shut. You can lighten up the hallway with daylight by mounting the end of the hallway wall with a full length mirror.

Mirrors Among Bright Surfaces

If your taste doesn’t suggest adding tall mirrors in your rooms, you can paint your walls in light gray or silver. These painted walls perform like mirrored surface and enhances sunlight in that room. You can enhance this effect by painting other walls dark. You can also increase the amount of sunshine in your house by placing little framed mirrors among bookshelves, tables, or desks, etc. Modern vanity mirror in your bathrooms also make them light up.


Adding mirrors are the perfect decision to add more brightness to the house. They also enhance the look of the house by being placed at various corners making them a brilliant choice for summer interior decor.

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