By Denise Christopher on 2013-11-27

Copper Appliances

You would never think to convert your kitchen space into copper appliances. From copper range hoods to coppersinks, this metal has become all the rage in the home improvement section of the market. The color is rich and appealing to the idea, providing a warm color to the look of your copper kitchen. It is quickly becoming an alternative to stainless steel and porcelain as it has some antimicrobial properties that keep disgusting mold and bacteria from contaminating your surfaces.

Instead of remodeling your entire kitchen from the countertops down to the floor, consider changing to copper sinksto give the look of your kitchen an overhaul. However, it is important for you to understand that the use of copper for your appliances is a two-sided coin. Copper sinks and copper range hoods require routine cleaning to remove and dirt or filth in order to maintain good sanitation and promote the antibacterial properties of the copper's surface.

Converting your appliances to copper will add an aesthetic appeal to any kitchen or bathroom, and can completely change the way it looks. It has a warmer, more upbeat and fresher look than any other metal; it can even look rustic if that's the decor you're going for.

Given the soft pliability of copper, it can be shaped, molded and hammered to any look you need. Copper sinkscan be smooth and shiny, or they can have a hammered texture that makes it look more natural. Tones can be altered to better fit the decor of your kitchen or bathroom, to create a more cohesive look to your room.

The appliances in a copper kitchenare less likely to corrode or rust over time, so your appliances will always look as good as new if cleaning is performed on a regular basis.

It is recommended that care be taken with your copper appliances once they are installed. Acidic liquids and hot utensils can result in the warping and darkening of the finish of your copper. Copper's soft pliability also means that it can be warped and dented quite easily, and can be expensive to replace.

If you care about the look of your copper appliances, then you're going to have to dedicate the time each day to cleaning it properly. Copper sinks have to be dried with a towel in order to eliminate water sport from developing and ruining the finish. Using gentle soap and periodic waxing can keep your copper range hood from losing its luster and appeal.

If you do decide to convert over to copperrange hoods or copper sinks, then it's an investment you will come to love. Your home can be filled with the rich color of copper and make it feel warmer and more comforting.

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