Amazing Trough Bar Sinks

Rustic Sinks has been working hard at creating unique and one of a kind sinks such as the popular copper trough bar sinks.

One of our favorite products that is sure to add character to your bar is the curved copper trough sink, made from hammered copper. Restaurants around the county are calling on this trend and some using them as a ice chest on top of the bar! These conversation piece's are drawing customer in just for it. 

Our hammered bar copper sinks have a very unique design, very versatile to allow the water flow in its natural ways giving you at the same time a wide surface to use.

This curly piece is offered in a choice of 28” length or 51” in a hammered copper. We also can custom size one to meet your needs. This rustic appeal is showing up in many trendy bars and restaurants and sure to be a great addition to any style of rustic home. If you enjoy the uniqueness of this piece, be sure to check out the rest of our selection of bar sinks offered online at
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