Age Old Meets Modern

Rustic Wood Vanities- The Age Old Meets Modern


A rustic theme for homes is becoming the new in- fashion trend. This is true not only for the architecture but also the furniture, especially the fixtures in the house. Rustic wood furnishing is popping up everywhere from the lounge to the kitchen. Carved wood bathrooms are also such examples. They give a clean, cozy cottage look and are the latest fashion statements in modern homes. Surprising? Not really. Let’s see why.


Bathrooms: bathrooms these days are more up for soothing tones. A washroom is considered a part of a person’s comfort regime these days. This is because it’s used to perform daily ablutions and wash up after a tiring day.


A carved wood bathroom is available in a wide range of designs and styles and will be fine with any home décor. These bathroom fixtures with a rustic sink  and copper faucet will distinguish your bathrooms from all other ceramic wash basins and steel faucets. These carvings, vanity sizes and staining is done according to your decorative requirements and color scheme. A copper, stone or nickel sink with a suitable mirror will complete the look.


A look of sophistication- Your bathroom will have an elegance and sophistication that will be hard to match with rustic colors and cottage inspired feel with the comfort and charisma of wood. These additions can completely subvert your bathroom’s look and make it feel relaxing and comforting to the mind.


Functionality- These vanities are not just unnecessary décor pieces, they also have a significant amount of space in them for storage purposes to keep modern day toiletries and electrical personal appliances that have become a permanent part of a modern, domestic life- style.


If you like your initial changes and want to go full force rustic, then complete the cottage look of your bathroom with copper knobs, rustic electrical lighting, vintage mirrors and hammered switch plates, etc. You can consult an interior designer to understand how these things are arranged. This will be soothing to your senses greatly.


Rustic Sinks are a new kind of décor with old reminiscent.  We hope you like this collection and create a vanity heaven for yourself. It will definitely make your home a place you would not want to leave that’s for sure.


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