Advantages of a Stone Sink

Rustic Sinks offers Travertine Stone Sinks

The beautiful veining in natural travertine shows in our stone sinks as they are formed from a solid piece of travertine stone. Vessel sinks are installed on top of the counter giving you the entire view of the beauty, making a elegant statement. One of the advantages of a stone sink is it is made from natural stone that will last a lifetime. The honed finish allows for a practical everyday use. Unlike ceramic sinks, stone sinks do not dull or scratch. 

No two sinks will have the exact same veining making your sink unique. The simple rectangle stone vessel sink below features a honed finish exterior, giving more of a matte look with a polished interior bowl. also has many different sizes and shapes such as a rectangle18 inch size that is still deep enough to provide a modern serene look with its clean lines and rising arches. 

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