A Little about Rustic Faucets...

With the current trend of remodeling kitchens and baths, there has come another trend – to return to the look and appeal of days gone by. Pieces created of stone, solid wood, or that have a wood or stone
finish are replacing the marble tile and ceramic appearance seen over the past half century.

With this trend rustic faucets have been gaining ground as a focal point; adding to an Old World or
Classic feel found in many kitchen and bath projects.

About choosing that rustic faucet......
One thing which must be considered is the finish of the faucet. Finishes are now becoming important in design elements. Everything from brass and copper, to oil-rubbed metal, to matte and shiny finishes is available these days. And the price range isn't too bad.

The trend towards customization has led the way to the wide selection of faucet choices. It depends on the look and feel you want. For example, oil-rubbed finishes help create an Old World or Tuscan
appeal, while bronze and nickel plate give a classical look and add a co-joined appearance to mixed
elements. Meanwhile chrome still works for Nordic, New Age or Minimalist styles.

One copper kitchen faucet example to suit your sink....
When you want ease of use and style combined, try a single handle kitchen faucet like this copper
rustic faucet. A single hole is all this faucet requires. The single lever mixer lets you get the perfect
amount of hot and cold combination; no more fiddling with two different handles. The gooseneck
swivel spout makes a great use of space; especially for larger pots and trays. Combine this one with a
rustic sink of similar finish and you have lots of space and a focal point for your kitchen.

Set it up in a kitchen with heavy furnishings or wood tones and you have a nice complement piece.
This faucet works well as a deck-mount faucet set behind your sink.

And for the bathroom there is this version....
A deck-mount bathroom faucet is a good choice for raised platforms or farmhouse sink styles. This one comes with a variety of options from finishes, to height, even handles. http://www.rusticsinks.com/Short-Deck-Mount-Lavatory-Faucet-p/rs-lavs.htm This would be a nice addition to wood finished, stone, marble or dark tile sinks. And of course farmhouse sinks fit right in with this one too. The best fit for older homes, cottages or cabins wanting a country finish.

A couple of bonus features include a matching flip top drain; and the ADA and IAPMO compliance.
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