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Searching for high quality kitchen & bathroom fixtures, a clawfoot bathtub or a farmhouse sink. Rustic Sinks is the name to trust. We offer superior copper sinks and bathtubs along with high quality faucets and kitchen and bathroom accessories.


3 Reasons to Get a Petrified Wood Sink

Your kitchen & bath are the heart of your home, so making it more comfortable for family and guests is crucial. Installing a petrified wood sink is an excellent way to give your bathroom a more rustic look and feel without sacrificing important functionality.

Top 3 Reasons to Get a Petrified Wood Sink

It Goes Well with Rustic Bathrooms

If you currently have a plain Jane bathroom, you may be struggling with finding a complementary sink, as many ceramic sinks clash with rustic styling. Regarding aesthetic appeal, a conventional sink will look out of place in a homey, country-themed bath. A petrified wood sink is ideal in this respect, as it will follow your current design standards to make your bathroom cohesive. 

It Offers a Unique Look

petrified wood sinkMost sinks are relatively straightforward when it comes to design. It can be hard to find something that differs from the norm when buying conventional sinks, especially if you’re searching for an eye-catching sink. When creating a sink from petrified wood, it can serve to be the focal point of your home.

It Had More Shape Options

Unlike conventional materials, wood sinks provide a lot more options regarding shape. Petrified wood sinks come in square, round, oval, rectangular, and other shapes. You can design it to fit your existing space, which allows you flexibility when determining how you would like your bathroom to look.


The fixtures you choose to install in your house make an enormous difference to the overall feel of your home. Rustic Sinks of Hunt, TX, provides various items to customers searching for unique home decor. This selection ranges from copper sinks to old-fashioned tubs, which can create a vintage aesthetic. If you’re interested in remodeling your home with a petrified wood sink, call (855) 553-7305 today to speak with a friendly representative. And, visit the website to see the complete range of kitchen products.

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Choosing a Petrified Wood Sink

While it might not seem like a sink can make a difference in the overall atmosphere of your kitchen or bathroom, a stylish fixture can bring these rooms together in more ways than one. If you want to take things a step further, distinguish your home from that of your neighbors and guests by installing petrified wood sinks.

If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen or bathroom, Rustic Sinks of Scottsdale, AZ, is the leading online retailer for your kitchen or bathroom renovation needs—including sinks, faucets, and bathroom hardware. Here, they elaborate on one of their most unique materials.

A Brief Guide to Petrified Wood Sinks

What Is Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood may sound and look like wood, but it is, in fact, stone. Through a process called permineralization, the organic materials in wood are fossilized, or replaced with minerals, without altering the structure or form of the stern tissue. This means your sink will have all the rich grain and detail of a fine wood combined with the dense smoothness of stone.

Why Use Petrified Wood?

From coffee tables to art pieces, petrified wood is a popular material in the world of interior design. Using petrified wood for your sink will bring a natural yet refined feel to your kitchen or bathroom, while still providing reliable functionality. If you have wood tables or counters, this material will perfectly match your existing décor.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom and want something that will make the room stand out, a petrified wood sink might be the solution. Over the years, Rustic Sinks has become known for their extensive collection of petrified wood products, which makes them your go-to source for the fixture. If you’re ready to update your kitchen or bathroom with a beautiful statement piece, call Rustic Sinks at (480) 553-7305 or visit their website for more product information.

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Do You Know How to Care For Your Copper Sink?

Do You Know How to Care For Your Copper Sink?

How to Care for Your Copper Sink

Once a tradition in farmhouses, copper sinks have become a stylish addition to any contemporary home. Not only are they easy to maintain, but unlike porcelain or stainless steel models, they also curb the growth of bacteria. Whether you already have a copper sink or are thinking about installing one, the experts from Rustic Sinks in Scottsdale, AZ, have the vital care tips you need to maintain your amenity.

Copper is a durable and enduring material that is well suited for sinks—as long as you pay attention to a few key details. For example, copper corrodes when it is exposed to acid, so be careful to avoid direct or prolonged contact with lemons, limes, tomatoes, grapefruit, and other acidic fruits. Vinegar and mustard can also negatively interact with the copper. To avoid damage, run the water when you’re rinsing acidic fruits. After exposure to acids, wash your sink thoroughly with dish soap and water, just in case. Dish soap and a soft sponge are all you need to clean your copper sink. Avoid using any type of heavily textured sponge on your sink, as copper may scratch if you are rough with it. Be gentle, and never use abrasive cleaners, even if they are intended for kitchen use. These cleaners may remove your sink’s luminous patina.

To preserve your copper sink’s patina, you can apply a quality wax about twice a year to the surface, although most owners like the natural aging of the copper patina.  We do not recommend any kind of a lacquer as this will come off with use and is much more care to take care of. With proper care, your copper will shine even more beautifully in the years to come. 

If you’re interested in upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, enlist the professionals from Rustic Sinks. The premier resource offers the rustic, farmhouse, and copper sinks you need for an enchanting, unique space. They also install beautiful claw foot tubs and fireclay sinks. To learn more, call them today at (480) 553-7305 or visit the website. 

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Farmhouse Sinks Press Release

Farmhouse Sinks Press Release

Press release


Rustic Sinks Offers A Variety Of Farmhouse Sinks, Copper Sinks, Clawfoot Bathtubs, And Accessories Online!


April 1, 2017 Scottsdale, Arizona- By Denise Christopher

Rustic Sinks located in Scottsdale, Arizona offers a wide variety of rustic stone sinks, copper sinks, bathtubs and other accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. The company founded in 2012 is owned by Denise Christopher is committed to providing exquisite and high quality rustic designs of all kinds of bathroom vanities and kitchen supplies. The company specializes in vintage clawfoot tubs, handmade copper sinks, bathtubs, faucets made in America and has a large selection of mirrors and other accessories to choose from for its clients.


With over five years in the industry, the company offers over 600 products and was recognized for its exceptional customer service from in 2014-2017. In regard to its growing product base for its growing customers, the company spokesperson was quoted as saying, “we operate with a goal to provide our customers with the finest selection and quality of copper, stone sinks and bathtubs. Our unique designs are the fruit of our talented network of artisans and manufacturers who are experts in creating comfortable, rustic styles that has now become so popular. Our variety of sinks and bathtubs are designed to fit any décor. Our copper products are made with 99.9% pure grade, of the highest quality copper. We look forward to seeing our new and old customers at our website for new and trending designs.”


Rustic Sinks operates online with its large collection of farmhouse sinks, hammered copper bathtubs and unique products. Their product lineage however, does not seem limited to copper as the company also hosts a wide collection of stone sinks and traditional clawfoot bathtubs and are marketed at below competitive rates.


The company accepts all major cards and facilitates its customers with a convenient order process. The company hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST (Arizona) and for queries updates or feedbacks, customers can reach them through their toll free number or through the various social media outlets the company is active on.


About The Company


Rustic sinks, located in Scottsdale, Arizona is an online retailer of farmhouse sinks, stone vessel sinks, copper sinks, hammered copper bathtubs and other unique accessories for the kitchen and bathroom. Their copper and stone sinks are crafted by master artisans from the finest materials to produce premium sinks. They host a wide variety of all products in a variety of sizes.


Contact Us




Toll free: 855-553-7305




Social media links:


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Soapstone Sinks-Top 5 Reasons to Love them

Soapstone Sinks-Top 5 Reasons to Love them

Are you considering a soapstone farmhouse sink? If so, there are some things that you need to consider. You won’t find any other material that features their benefits. Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when you are buying a new soapstone farmhouse sink.


1.   Soapstone farmhouse sinks are durable: Remember chemistry class? Those lab tables were made of soapstone. It is impervious to most...

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A Bathtub Matters! Tips on Choosing the Right One.

A Bathtub Matters! Tips on Choosing the Right One.

We are excited about some new Bathtubs in our store. A focal point in the bathroom and a large purchase, you will want to choose the right one to fit your style. One of the newest trends is the pedestal bathtub.  These tend to have a dramatic wow factor in the room. Classy yet modern! 

Affordable and quality is important when considering your bathtub. We found freestanding tubs offer these plus designer style. Luxury is the design of 2016 and bathrooms are one of the most remodeled along with adding value for resale. 

The material is also a big consideration. From old fashion cast iron to acrylic and copper, bathtubs are now available in a large selection of materials and sizes. 

A copper slipper bathtub style adds a warm feeling to any bathroom.  


If your style is Contemporary, we also have some great modern bathtubs.

Another classic traditional style is the Clawfoot bathtub. These freestanding tubs are a superb quality and different models that are clean elegant designs. Made in a variety of material giving you a variety of options when choosing the perfect tub. You can add a classic Vintage faucet in a deck mount or wall mount style or a complete clawfoot tub package with one included. 


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A HUGE thanks one of our customers Debbie for providing the before and after photos of her kitchen remodel. We send out product surveys after a purchase with a bonus coupon for next time. She was so kind to submit a review of her Farmhouse Soapstone sink purchase along with some photos of her gorgeous home in Idaho! We are so proud to have helped to make her kitchen dreams come true!  For more information on which soapstone sink she purchased click here.


The beautiful log home kitchen was beautiful but slightly dated with tile countertops, light fixtures and white drop in sink. Kitchens are the most used room of the house and one of the most expensive to update.


Here is the Before photo of Debbie’s kitchen. Look at those massive wood log beams! So envious!!


It’s kitchen reveal day!!! Debbie did a beautiful job at updating her log home kitchen with rustic chiseled granite counter tops, backsplash, rustic lighting, and a new stone farmhouse sink, giving her kitchen a warm feel to match a log home. You now get the log home vibe in this newly remodeled kitchen. I am sure she thought that day would never come as I am sure it had been a LONG process!




When Debbie emailed me, she said “Just Love my sink!!!  I am so thrilled with the way everything came out, though, and I wanted to share all of the details with you.


Thank you Debbie for sharing the photos we truly are proud to be part of your new kitchen!

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Soapstone Rocks

Whiskey in the Summer? 

You betcha! A wintertime favorite for sure. Whiskey in many forms such as bourbon (my favorite), rye, or Scotch warms you up in the cold months. This classic drink can be refreshing in the summertime too. 
Mixologists have name Whiskey the king of the cocktail. With its characteristics from the corn, wheat, or barley, they give wonderful compliments to any drink. Bourbons...

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