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Clearing your kitchen sink is easy!

Why is it around the holidays I always clog up my kitchen sink drain. Having a disposer I guess I assume it can eat anything! If you are like me, I try to put way too much down it. Stringy vegetables, like celery are the worst! I have some tips that have worked for me that I thought I would share during this time. I did not want to add a nasty photo as we all know how bad the gunk looks standing in our sink. Obviously, try not to get it clogged in the first place. While running the water, try inserting food down into it slowly. Too much in too quickly will clog it up fast. So here are my tips for unclogging it:

First things first, unplug the disposer unit!!

  • Use a flashlight to look down the drain. Once in awhile, you can see what's in there that shouldn't be.
  • Use a pair of pliers -- or do what I do, which is use a gloved hand (it’s ok, the unit is unplugged!) — and carefully reach inside and pull out whatever shouldn't be in there. I've usually got stringy vegetables (celery is the worst for your disposal).
  • If your garbage disposal suddenly turns itself off, look on the unit for a little button that says "reset" and press it to turn it back on. Mine is hidden on the very bottom of the unit.
  • If the garbage disposal gets clogged, keep running water and turn the disposal off and then back on to see if it will push the clog through.
  • Another avenue to try is a plunger. This works great for unclogging the garbage disposal. Plug the other side of the sink (if you have a double-basin sink), and the use the plunger on the disposal side. Sometime my plunging on the clogged side isn't working, so I fill the other side of the sink with water and the plunge it through to help loosen things.

If this does not work, I resort to a liquid drain cleaner. I wanted to unscrew the pipe and clean it out, but my husband got nervous when I started talking about messing with the plumbing, and got some Liquid-Plumber Gel at Costco. I was very skeptical. I mean, if my strong arm muscles and the plunger hadn't worked , I doubted that Liquid-Plumber would work. But, in less than 24 hours, it had completely cleared the clogged drain!

Tip: Scoop all of the standing water out of the sink, so the Drano can go in full-strength. 

If you don't want to use Drano, look under the sink and find the spot in the pipes where you believe the clog is located. If you have plastic pipes, you should be able to unscrew them and unclog the area. I found directions for doing this online (Be sure to have a big bucket ready to catch everything below!)

To help maintain clean drains and pipes naturally, sprinkle baking soda in drains and then pour in some vinegar once in awhile. Remember doing this as a volcano experiment in school? Flush drains with boiling water. Doing that usually keeps all our drains running great!

Do you have any drain or clog tips to add? We'd love to hear from you! (Unfortunately I know this is not the last time I will ever clog a drain...) :)

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A Bathtub Matters! Tips on Choosing the Right One.

A Bathtub Matters! Tips on Choosing the Right One.

We are excited about some new Bathtubs in our store. A focal point in the bathroom and a large purchase, you will want to choose the right one to fit your style. One of the newest trends is the pedestal bathtub.  These tend to have a dramatic wow factor in the room. Classy yet modern! 

Affordable and quality is important when considering your bathtub. We found freestanding tubs offer these plus designer style. Luxury is the design of 2016 and bathrooms are one of the most remodeled along with adding value for resale. 

The material is also a big consideration. From old fashion cast iron to acrylic and copper, bathtubs are now available in a large selection of materials and sizes. 

A copper slipper bathtub style adds a warm feeling to any bathroom.  


If your style is Contemporary, we also have some great modern bathtubs.

Another classic traditional style is the Clawfoot bathtub. These freestanding tubs are a superb quality and different models that are clean elegant designs. Made in a variety of material giving you a variety of options when choosing the perfect tub. You can add a classic Vintage faucet in a deck mount or wall mount style or a complete clawfoot tub package with one included. 


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A HUGE thanks one of our customers Debbie for providing the before and after photos of her kitchen remodel. We send out product surveys after a purchase with a bonus coupon for next time. She was so kind to submit a review of her Farmhouse Soapstone sink purchase along with some photos of her gorgeous home in Idaho! We are so proud to have helped to make her kitchen dreams come true!  For more information on which soapstone sink she purchased click here.


The beautiful log home kitchen was beautiful but slightly dated with tile countertops, light fixtures and white drop in sink. Kitchens are the most used room of the house and one of the most expensive to update.


Here is the Before photo of Debbie’s kitchen. Look at those massive wood log beams! So envious!!


It’s kitchen reveal day!!! Debbie did a beautiful job at updating her log home kitchen with rustic chiseled granite counter tops, backsplash, rustic lighting, and a new stone farmhouse sink, giving her kitchen a warm feel to match a log home. You now get the log home vibe in this newly remodeled kitchen. I am sure she thought that day would never come as I am sure it had been a LONG process!




When Debbie emailed me, she said “Just Love my sink!!!  I am so thrilled with the way everything came out, though, and I wanted to share all of the details with you.


Thank you Debbie for sharing the photos we truly are proud to be part of your new kitchen!

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Soapstone Rocks

Whiskey in the Summer? 

You betcha! A wintertime favorite for sure. Whiskey in many forms such as bourbon (my favorite), rye, or Scotch warms you up in the cold months. This classic drink can be refreshing in the summertime too. 
Mixologists have name Whiskey the king of the cocktail. With its characteristics from the corn, wheat, or barley, they give wonderful compliments to any drink. Bourbons...

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Mosaic Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone Sinks are the newest trend in bathroom and kitchen modern design. They have a simple yet elegance feel adding a relaxing environment to any home.  

Stone Sinks are a beauty of their own. They look natural and the best part is they are easy to clean. “While going Vintage, many of our customers look for something different. They don’t want to have same faucets as their neighbor.They want...

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Customize a Bar Top

Home Bars have become very popular lately. I recently have seen a flood of large retail stores displaying a complete bar room in their stores. People pay a lot of attention to how their bar looks. Considerations should be a well presentable, manageable, and functional bar.


A bar sink is an important part of the entire bar top and there are a variety of shapes and sizes on the market to choose...

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Copper Farmhouse Sinks Press Release

Press release


Rustic Sinks Offers A Variety Of Copper Sinks, Copper Bathtubs, And Accessories Online!


September 19th2014, Scottsdale, Arizona- By Denise Christopher

Rustic Sinks located in Scottsdale, Arizona offers a wide variety of copper sinks, bathtubs and other accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. The company founded in 2012 is owned by Denise Christopher is committed to providing exquisite...

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Rustic Wooden Vanities - Discovering Quality, Beauty and Functionality

Incorporating a few rustic touches in your house here and there is becoming an increasingly popular trend these days, not just in the architecture of the house but also in its décor. Furnishings using rustic wood have begun to pop up everywhere from the dining room to the bedroom. Carved wood bathroom vanitiesare also one such example of the same. They not only give your washroom a clean, cozy...

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Taking Care of Your Copper Sink

While copper sinks are virtually maintenance-free, it is still important to follow a few tips to ensure that your copper sink lasts forever and look as good as new even after several years of use. Taking care of copper is actually about what you don’t do rather than what you do.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaners
Harsh cleaners can damage the look and feel of sinks made of copper. Acids, coarse scrubs,...

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