By Denise Christopher on 2014-08-22

Barrel Vanity: One for the Tough-By Denise Christopher

Vanities are a main component of bathrooms. Tactfully placed and intelligently built, vanities serve the dual purpose of functionality and looks. Most vanities are rectangular in shape, placed vertically so that a sink can rest on top. The vanity either just has a pipe that passes through it and connects the drain hole of the sink to the drain line or offers a bit of space for storage.

The description given above is one that describes the general outlook of a vanity. Recently, a creative brand has introduced Barrel Vanities. Barrel vanities are a creative piece of furniture. Most critics believe that it is fit for use in home and in outdoors, both. The inspiration for this piece of arts comes from the actual barrels. The company claims that these barrels are actually procured from a winery in California.

This is how the barrel vanities are made:


The wine barrels are upcycled and procured from a winery in Napa, California.


All the procured barrels are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and set to reassembly. As they are reassembled once again, the sturdiness is perfect by master woodworkers so that these last a lifetime.

The Attachments

As these barrels are turned into a piece of furniture, a wider hole is also cut on top so that a sink can be placed on top of it. Another in the back is also cut for plumbing. Two doors are marked and cut at the sides and reattached with self closing hinges.

The Complete Piece  

The French wine barrel vanity when purchased comes with an already fixed sink and drain and a color matched oil rubbed bronze silicone. This makes it almost ready for fixing. A plumber can easily and quickly connect the French wine barrel vanity to the outlet in the bathroom and it would be ready for use. The hinged doors offer space for storage and easy cleaning.

A barrel vanity when used outside home, like in a farm, or a barn, would perfectly match the tough tone of the outdoors. The copper sink and the wooden barrel body of the wedding is a better guard against weather adversities than anything else. French wine barrel vanity is perfect for all the settings that boost a tough way of usage.

To buy French wine barrel vanity that gives your tough lifestyle a good support throughout years, visit today.   

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